6.5mm 140gr AccuBond® Bullet (50ct)

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  • Extremeley effective & accurate
    Review by Tort / (Posted on 11/19/2018)
    Shot 2 whitetails this season using these 140 grain accubonds out of a 6.5 Creed. Reloaded with IMR4350 and seated long, these were running around 2600mv and proved to be extremely accurate (half MOA 3 shot groups to 200 yards) out of a stock Winchester XPR.

    Both whitetails were shot at close range (big body buck at ~40 yards and big body doe at ~15) and the terminal performance was devastating on game.

    The buck was shot on the move at a slight quartering away and the bullet passed through both shoulders leaving an impressive half dollar size exit. It was only momentum that carried him forward a few feet before he dropped with no follow up needed. There was more blood shot meat than I had expected or hoped for with this bullet but then again, it was a relatively close range shot and absolutely performed.

    The doe was almost directly below my stand and the shot was taken with her looking up at me (made a noise to stop her as she was running towards me). The bullet was placed center of the chest cavity and of course had no problem passing through and into the dirt. Instant drop and very humane harvest. The entire chest cavity was mush and at that close range, it looked like she was hit with a ballistic tip.

    With the accubond, I see this bullet as the best of both worlds. The high initial "explosion" and accuracy of a ballistic tip with the deep penetration benefits of the partition. After this, I may be switching all my rifles over to the accubonds....these things are devastating and accurate! If you're currently shooting ballistic tips, try these!
    Review by GRUMPY OLD MAN / (Posted on 8/24/2018)
    I will have to leave the rating a little bit short of max.
    only reason is I wish it was available in a coated bullet.
    would feel more at ease at max loads.6.5 swiss Rem 700 custom.!!