Nosler Brass 7mm Rem Mag (50ct)

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  • Over all good quality
    Review by C.W. 7mag / (Posted on 6/25/2019)
    I must say that I found all of Noslers claims about this brass I have found to be accurate. Consistent length and weight, flash holes are clear of any burrs. However, one thing I would caution users about is the tightness of the the primer pockets!! This isn’t really a complaint but if I had not been doing some pretty tedious load development I don’t know if I would have caught it. While I was checking the seating depth of my bullets with dial calipers and a comparator gauge I found inconsistencies in my readings 1st I thought perhaps I had a die issue but upon reexamination I found the culprit was that the primer wasn’t set to the proper depth. I was using 215 Feds which I’ve read are a hair larger than other mag primers. I was even questioning if something was wrong as I was using my hand held priming tool because they seated so very hard but the handle did bottom out or at least I believe it was in any event I have been using two hands now and after my initial seating of the primer and being certain another primer doesn’t drop down into the device I reseat the primer and in some case find it does go a little more on the second squeeze. I’m not certain but I think they are rebounding a smig!! Anyway be very mindful of that otherwise very good quality!!!