.308 Caliber 168gr PPT Bonded Solid Base® Bullet (100ct)

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308 Caliber 168 Grain PPT (100ct)

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Bonded Solid Base™ 30 Caliber 168 Grain Bullet (50ct)

The Bonded Solid Base® bullet-line-up is built to satisfy consumer demand for a projectile that offers controlled expansion, high weight retention, and deep penetration, but optimized for use in AR platform rifles.
Minimum Velocity: 1600 fps (487m/s)
Maximum Velocity: Unlimited
Bullet Info

1. Protected Point design

Ensures reliable feeding in both bolt action and semi-automatic platforms.

2. AccuBond® bonding process

Welds the copper jacket to the lead core to prevent core/jacket separation for maximized weight retention.

3. Well-Defined Cannelure

Permits a tight crimp that eliminates bullet movement within the case during recoil, ensuring reliable feeding in semi-automatic rifles.

4. Solid Base®

Solid Base® construction ensures straight-line penetration.

Weight Retention of the 30 Caliber 168 Grain BSB Bullet

1800fps - 99% WR
2400fps - 95% WR
3050fps - 84% WR

Bonded Solid Base™ Bullet Informational Video

Box Qty. 100
Caliber 30
Grain 168
Bullet Type Bonded Solid Base
UPC Code 54041381451
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 38145
Diameter 0.308
Ballistic Coefficient (BC) 0.350
Overall Length (OAL) (in.) 1.115
Sectional Density (SD.) 0.253
Base Flat
Factory Type No


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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing on White Tail Deer
    Review by Laz / (Posted on 12/9/2016)
    This past year I purchased a 308 Winchester rifle that had a short 16" barrel. I struggled to find a bullet that would work in the 2500 and slower range. Most everything was just too tough or needed more velocity to work properly. I took a chance with these 168 Bonded Base bullets! All I can say is OUTSTANDING! One doe was taken at 40 yards and the other at 100 BOTH dropped in their tracks. There was minimal meat damage but inside the chest was an absolute mess. I would also like to note, for reloading these bullets are very very easy to load. I can be very consistent with my loads. To be more precise at 200 yards I am getting 5/8" 5 shot groups.