Nosler Brass 300 RUM (25ct)

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300 RUM (25ct)

300 RUM Premium Brass (50ct)

Nosler® Brass is created to exact dimensional standards and tolerances, using quality materials for maximum accuracy and consistency potential while extending case life. Nosler® Brass also undergoes the rigorous quality control that premium Nosler bullets have experienced for over 60 years.

Each piece of brass is completely prepped and ready to load. The case mouths have been chamfered and deburred. The flash holes are deburred and then checked for proper alignment. Each piece of brass is visually inspected at the factory and sealed in the box until you open them. Together, Nosler bullets and brass are the ingredients for the perfect load.
Cartridge Dimensions

Nosler® Brass Informational Video

Box Qty. 25
UPC Code No
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 11940
Factory Type No
Cartridge 300 RUM


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Customer Reviews

  • Best Brass Out There!
    Review by fisherus / (Posted on 2/7/2020)
    I have been using Nosler brass since they started manufacturing it. It is one of the few things you can find that gets better each year it's made. When I need to give myself everything possible to ensure I have the components necessary for shooting the best groups possible, I always use Nosler brass. The uniformity in each box in second to none!
  • 300 Rem Ultra Mag Brass
    Review by dustynoggin / (Posted on 3/22/2015)
    I had really good results when using this brass, first trim barely skimmed any, pockets still holding up after 3 loading's ... will needing more in the near future ... will there be any available?