7mm 120gr Ballistic Tip® Hunting Bullet (50ct)

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7mm 120 Grain Ballistic Tip (50ct)

7mm 120 Grain Ballistic Tip® Hunting Bullet (50ct)

These bullets deliver the accuracy, consistency and down range punch required for clean kills in all situations. These flat shooting, wind defying bullets utilize ballistic designed boat tails and polymer tips to increase long-range efficiency and protect against tip damage in the magazine. Unique tapered jacket provides controlled expansion at all practical ranges and velocities.
Optimal Performance Velocity: 1800-3200 fps
Bullet Info

1. Nosler® Ballistic Tip®

Streamlined polymer tip, color-coded by caliber, resists deformation in the magazine, and initiates expansion upon impact.

2. Fully-Tapered Jacket and Special Lead-Alloy Core

Allows controlled expansion and optimum weight retention at all practical velocity levels. The heavy jacketed base prevents bullet deformation during firing.

3. Heavy Jacketed Base

Acts as a platform for a large-diameter mushroom.

4. Ballistically Engineered Solid Base®

Boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance, and for easier loading.

1800fps - 86% WR
2400fps - 74% WR
3050fps - 60% WR

Ballistic Tip® Hunting - Bullet Informational Video

Ballistic Tip® Hunting - Ballistic Gel Test

Box Qty. 50
Caliber 7mm
Grain 120
Bullet Type Ballistic Tip Hunting
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 28120
Diameter 0.284
Ballistic Coefficient (BC) 0.417
Overall Length (OAL) (in.) 1.130
Sectional Density (SD.) 0.213
Base Boat Tail
Factory Type No


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Customer Reviews

  • 120 BT (Hunting)
    Review by roysclockgun / (Posted on 1/11/2017)
    The Nosler 7mm 120gr. BT (Hunting) is the most devastating bullet on deer that I have ever shot. I have been hunting deer since the late 1950s. Some years back I sold my 7mm Rem Mag rifle and bought a rifle chambered in 280 Rem. I first used the Nosler BT 140 gr., but to attain a flatter trajectory through higher MV, I switch to the 120 gr. BT. This bullet has anchored mule deer weighing over 200 lbs., to pronghorn shot at over 300 yards, to white tail shot from 50 yards to over 300 yards. All of them went "bang / flop", dying in the spot on which they were hit. Very few of my bullets were recovered, as I got wide wound channels and exit holes that bled out the game. I have been criticized by some other hunters not familiar with the 7mm 120 BT. I can only report what I have seen. That bullet kills quickly and humanely everything that I hit.

    Steven in DeLand, FL
  • Excellent Results
    Review by Michael W. / (Posted on 9/20/2016)
    I just wanted to let you know I have had excellent results from your line of ballistic tip bullets, 6.5 Grendel, 7mm mag, 25-06,Great job and keep It up, Have a good one!!