22 Caliber 70gr RDF™ Bullet (500ct)

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22 Caliber 70 Grain RDF Bullet (500ct)

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22 Caliber 70 Grain RDF™ Bullet (500ct.)

Nosler’s RDF line was designed from the ground up to provide exceptionally high BCs, which create the flattest trajectory and least wind drift possible. The keys to the RDF’s outstanding performance are Nosler’s meticulously optimized compound ogive and long, drag reducing boattail, which make handloading a snap and create an incredibly sleek form factor. RDF bullets also have the smallest, most consistent meplats of any hollow point match bullet line, so there is no need to point or trim tips.
Bullet Info

1. Very Small Meplat

No trimming or pointing required.

2. Compound Ogive

This makes the bullet insensitive to seating depth.

3. High Ballistic Coefficient

Flatter trajectory and reduced wind drift.

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Box Qty. 500
Caliber 22
Grain 70
Bullet Type RDF
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 53067
Diameter .224
Ballistic Coefficient (BC) 0.416
Overall Length (OAL) (in.) 0.965
Sectional Density (SD.) 0.199
Base Boat Tail
Factory Type No


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Customer Reviews

  • Best weight in my rifle.
    Review by Iamaclimber / (Posted on 8/10/2018)
    My initial experience with the 22 Nosler has not been great. I built up a rifle that started with an AR-Stoner Bbl from Midway. That Bbl shot groups with two impact areas that were about 3” apart off the bench. I returned the Bbl for an exchange. The second Bbl just would not shoot better 2.5” groups so I returned it for credit. I then ordered an 18” Bbl with a rifle length gas tube and added an adjustable gas block. I shot everything from 52 gn-77 gn bullet weights. At first 1 3/4” groups were the best I could get. A prairie dog hunt that was planned got canceled so I lost interest in the rifle. Recently I decided to go ahead and burn up some of the 22 Nosler I had acquired and then put a 223 Wilde Bbl on the rifle. Well while doing this I noticed that while shooting the 77gn Nosler bullets I was hitting nearly everything I was shooting at. I placed a 200 yard rifle zero target up and shot several 1/2 moa three shot groups including a.88” three shot group at 200 yds. Only the 70gn bullet is giving me these groups. Other weighs are not giving me as tight a group in this 1/8” twist Bbl. Because of this I have not given up completely on this caliber. Any new ammunition I purchase or bullets I get for hand loading will be Nosler 70gn RDF.
  • 70 grain RDFs seem to shoot well, one minor issue
    Review by Distinguished879 / (Posted on 6/11/2018)
    Purchased some 70 grain RDF bullets to use for competition. Have not shot the a lot yet but groups seem to be promising at 300 yds. One minor issue is that in two of my AR-15 service rifles the tips of the bullets will wedge into the slot between the lugs on the barrel extension feed ramp, causing a failure to feed. I have 2 other AR-15s that do not have this issue. I believe that I will have to use a Dremel tool to remove the sharp edges from the slot on the feed ramps and that will solve the problem. I will post more after I have tested the fix.