Nosler Brass 22 Nosler (100ct)

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22 Nosler® Brass (100ct)

22 Nosler® Premium Brass (100ct)

Nosler Brass is sized, trimmed to length, case mouth is deburred and chamfered, flash hole deburred, weight sorted, polished and finally inspected and packaged ... meaning all the prep work has been done before you open the box. All it needs is a primer, powder and a Nosler bullet seated at the top.
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Nosler® Brass Informational Video

Box Qty. 100
UPC Code 54041100670
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 10067
Factory Type Factory 1st
Cartridge 22 Nosler


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Customer Reviews

  • 22 Nosler
    Review by mturner / (Posted on 7/22/2018)
    There are plenty of AR bolts for the 6.8SPC (rimless 30-30) case head. Rebating the rim only weakens the case head, which in turn limits performance. The 22 Nosler holds more powder than the Valkyrie. It would have a greatest potential to be the performance king in an AR platform. Rebated rims are not well accepted in the AR community. Just ask them if they want a rebated rim or not. Most would prefer to use the bigger bolt face.