38 Caliber (.357) 158gr JHP Sporting Handgun™ Bullet (250ct)

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38 Caliber (.357) 158 Grain JHP (250ct)

Sporting Handgun 38 Caliber (.357) 158 Grain JHP Bullet (250ct)

Extremely Accurate 38 Sporting Handgun 158 Grain Spitzer Bullet

Whether you punch paper, shoot steel, or use your handgun for hunting, Nosler ensures you have the very finest in accuracy, consistency and overall quality. Each bullet is produced on the most advanced, fully automated machinery and, like our premium rifle bullets, Nosler hand inspects and then polishes all Sporting Handgun bullets to a bright finish.

  • Tapered Copper Alloy Jacket
  • Well Defined Cannelure
  • Form Fitted Pure Lead Core

Bullet Ballistics Information

B.C: 0.177


Info FAQ
Caliber 38
Grain 158
Bullet Type Sporting Handgun
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 44841
Diameter 0.357
Ballistic Coefficient (BC) N/A
Overall Length (OAL) (in.) N/A
Sectional Density (SD.) N/A
Base Flat
Factory Type No


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