7mm 175gr Partition® Bullet (50ct)

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7mm 175 Grain Partition (50ct)

Partition 7mm 175 Grain Bullet (50ct)

Legendary 7mm Partition 175 Grain Spitzer Bullet

Every Partition bullet in the Nosler line delivers optimum length, weight and ogive design for maximum in-flight and terminal performance.

The next time you reach for a box of bullets, ask yourself, �Is it as good as a Partition?�

Bullet Ballistics Information

B.C: 0.519


Info FAQ
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 35645
Special Price No
Bullet Type Partition
Factory Type No
Caliber 7mm
Grain 175
Base Flat
Cann / Band See Product Description
Count 50

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Customer Reviews

  • Works great
    Review by Flatlandshooter / (Posted on 8/15/2016)
    I loaded these in a 28 Nosler for an African trip. I took a 375 too for Eland but I could have left it at home. I took 2 Eland, Kudu, and a Gemsboc. Also a Red Hartebeest. I have used partitions for over 40 years. I have always said there is only one direction an animal go when a partition is used. DOWN I shot a bull Eland with a 300 partition and of course it worked well. I shot the cow with the 28 and tremendous. Quartering to and base of neck shot. Split the heart and I found it at the rear of the short ribs on other side. She went maybe 10 steps. What to say? I have used monolithic bullets but I did not like them. Unless you hit bone to drive the pieces of bone they just cut a small hole and your animal will run until it bleeds out. When the partition hits and it expands it is dumping lead and energy. Much more internal damage. Nosler partition. Still the best bullet. By the way they shoot like crazy in the model 48. US869 powder and 3/8 of an inch groups.
  • One Shot Kills
    Review by James V. / (Posted on 10/9/2015)
    I’m an FFL holder and longtime Nosler bullet user. Specifically the 175 gr Nosler Partition, which I’ve used in my 7mm mag for at least 20 years or more to take many big game animals from deer to eland, and muskox, and have been satisfied. My 12 yr old daughter even used the 175 gr Nosler Partition in her 7mm-08 to take 6 fine animals in Africa. All one shot kills, including Gemsbok and Zebra.


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