6.5mm 100gr Ballistic Tip® Hunting Bullet (50ct)

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6.5mm 100 Grain Ballistic Tip (50ct)

Ballistic Tip Hunting 6.5mm 100 Grain Bullet (50ct)

Accurate and Consistent 6.5mm Ballistic Tip® Hunting 100 Grain Spitzer Bullet

These bullets deliver the accuracy, consistency and down range punch required for clean kills in all situations. These flat shooting, wind defying bullets utilize ballistic designed boat tails and polymer tips to increase long-range efficiency and protect against tip damage in the magazine. Unique tapered jacket provides controlled expansion at all practical ranges and velocities.

  • Nosler Ballistic Tip
  • Fully-Tapered Jacket and Special Lead-Alloy Core
  • Heavy Jacketed Base
  • Ballistically Engineered Solid Base
  • Boat Tail Design

Bullet Ballistics Information

B.C: 0.35


Info FAQ
Caliber 6.5mm
Grain 100
Bullet Type Ballistic Tip Hunting
Manufacturer Nosler
Manufacturer Part Number 26100
Diameter 0.264
Ballistic Coefficient (BC) N/A
Overall Length (OAL) (in.) N/A
Sectional Density (SD.) N/A
Base Boat Tail
Factory Type No


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Customer Reviews

  • Ballistic tips are #1.
    Review by jolsen / (Posted on 1/31/2018)
    After 20 rounds of break-in, in a new Alexander 6.5 Grendel barrel, the first three shots for record into 9/16 " with the first recipe I tried. Twenty-five years of Ballistic Tips in my .22-250, these bullets still impress me.
  • Great Success
    Review by Art T. / (Posted on 8/31/2015)
    I am an avid hunter and like to reload my own rounds. I have had great success with your 100 grain BT bullets for whitetail deer.